March Update!

Dear Ones,

Spring is here! Oh, what a gorgeous time at the ranch --  the birds are singing, the wildflowers are blooming, and the hillsides are so lush and green!! All is well at Windermere.


Earlier this month, the land was blessed with a Peace Walk, led by Matt van Fossan.


One of the participants in the Peace Walk, Noemi Camarillo, describes her experience at Windermere: 

"The Peace Walk experience. What a beautiful place to be that morning. I invited 5 of my friends that are not in the Movement, I was a little concerned, because we are loud and fun, but I just trusted the Spirit. To my surprise, when we started walking, it was like the sacred land gave us her peace and love. We were flowing in love, joy, and a Divine peace. I felt a magnitude of gratitude of being at Windermere. It was amazing, pure energy. My friends fell in love with this mystical place, and doing a Peace Walk here was simply magnificent. We got closer, we prayed together, we blessed together. We were with so much joy and serenity that we didn't want to leave this magical Place of Peace."

To see beautiful photos by Rita van Fossan, please click here.


On the subject of Peace, here is one of my favorite quotes by John-Roger from Loving Each Day for Peacemakers 

“If you want to know if you are expressing peace, it's really simple. If acceptance of someone different occurs, peace is being expressed. If sharing with others occurs, peace is being expressed. If you move past the emotions and judgments to understanding and empathy, peace is being expressed. If loving and caring are experienced, peace is.” 


More Photos!

To see beautiful photos by Rita van Fossan, please click the button below.

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J-R at Windermere

Enjoy some classic shots of John-Roger with the horses and the folks of Windermere Ranch.  

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Wishing you blessings of Peace from Windermere, 
with loving,
Lynn, for all of us up at the Ranch. 

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