Donor Programs

The Institute for Individual and World Peace is non-profit, 501(c)3 organization. Our work is funded by donations and grants from people - like you - who are dedicated to peace. Your donations allow us to continue to identify and present the processes that lead to peace through education, community projects, workshops, retreats, and presentations around the world.

Your contributions make a difference.

Becoming a Donor

We accept any level of donations. We also have structured programs for your contributions. A donation of any amount is a "seed" toward peace in the world. You can:

  • Give a one-time donation

  • Make a monthly pledge

  • Make a contribution of common stock

  • Donate a needed item

  • Make a corporate donation or grant

  • Donate your time and resources

Giving a One-Time Donation


We are currently in the middle of a fundraising drive to raise $5,000 to build a full-size Chartres replica mediation labyrinth at Windermere! Would you like to support this project?

Click on the Donate button to make a one-time gift in the amount of your choosing.


Contributing to Peace through the Windermere Adopt-A-Quality Program 

"In IIWP, we are moving inside, where we can have peace  …and let the peace flow into the world." - John-Roger 

Windermere Ranch in Santa Barbara, California, is a remarkable property, filled with so many qualities of peace and joy. There is also a wonderful group of animals, the Windermere Llama, Donkey, Mini-steer, Sheep, Chickens, Goats, that bring a sense of innocence and playfulness to those who visit to enjoy the place.   Over the years, these people have expressed how this property and animals became teachers and inspirations for their personal lives. 

The Adopt-A-Quality Program evolved as a vehicle for cultivating the qualities of peace within ourselves that are reflected back to us by the Windermere property and animals.  These qualities of peace are already present within each of us. By claiming and energizing the qualities we want to experience in a greater way, and then making our donations in support of this action, we not only expand the peace in us as individuals, but we also become conduits for these qualities to flow out into the world. 

“Peace gives unto peace as love gives unto love,  as light gives to light, as laughter gives to laughter .”  -John-Roger
How Do I sign up for Adopt-A-Quality? 

The Adopt-A-Quality Program is a vehicle for claiming and cultivating the peace that is already present within you.  The first step is to choose a quality (or qualities) of peace that you would like to energize and express more of in your life.  

(Click Here for a Complete List of Qualities of Peace. )

Look over the list of qualities that have been assigned to the Windermere property and other animals and charged through this program.  Once you have chosen your quality(s), take a moment to go within, ask for the Light for the Highest Good of all concerned, and then ask that your inner Traveler charge this quality(s) inside you for the Highest Good. 

The next step is to make your donation to Adopt-A-Quality by selecting the number of qualities you would like.  Select the amount of your monthly pledge in the drop-down menu, then type in the quality or qualities you have chosen in the space under AAQ Quality/Qualities, separated by a comma if there is more than one.  Finally click on the Subscribe button to set up your Adopt-A-Quality payment plan.

Adopt-A-Qualty Pledge
AAQ Quality/Qualities


You can also contact us at or at the address and phone numbers listed below.

If you choose Adopt-A-Quality as a way to express greater peace in your everyday life, here are some additional benefits of contributing to this Program: 

  • You'll receive regular news via email from Windermere.

  • You will be contributing to the care and feeding of the Windermere animals, an integral part of our Place of Peace.

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