"Sweet Visitors and Local Fire" - July 2017 Update

Dear Ones, 
Many visitors from near and afar blessed the land with their presence this month.  

Milo Page and LeiLani Drouillard enjoyed doing service work at the ranch while staying in one of the Guest Houses.  Here's a sweet note written by LeiLani about her time at Windermere:

"Windermere was my first experience being completely embraced by the Light. I set my intention on receiving the peace that was present and was blessed with open arms. From MJ’s loving letters of welcome to George’s kind guidance with volunteer work, I felt right at home. The beauty of the land was breathtaking! The farm animals also made my trip memorable. Joker (the friendliest donkey), Bully (the docile, sweet, mini-steer), and all of the joy-filled chickens still bring smiles to my face. I look forward to my next adventures at Windermere.

Light to the wonders and blessings at Windermere Ranch, 
-LeiLani Drouillard" 

On July 4, our visitors had a great time experiencing the beauty and magic of the land while Dave Wright led tours of the ranch.

On July 8, a wildfire started in the Santa Ynez Mountains, south of Lake Cachuma, and spread very quickly.  Named the Whittier Fire, the fire burned over 18,000 acres and came within 4 miles of Windermere.  

Fire officials reported, "the combination of old, dry fuels with a newly cured heavy grass crop contributed to the rapid growth of this fire."  Due to the high rainfall last winter, officials stated that "grass fuel loads are three times their average this season....  At its peak over 2,100 firefighters worked diligently day and night to extinguish the blaze. With the fire 87% contained, the staffing is now just below 200 firefighters and support staff [as of 7/26/17]." 

Thanks to the hard working fire fighters and all the prayers and Light sent, Windermere has remained safe!

Wishing you blessings of Peace from Windermere.
with loving,
Lynn, for all of us at the Ranch.