November Update!

Dear Ones,

In this beautiful season of Thanksgiving, we have much to be thankful for!

Windermere remained safe from the wildfires, and all is well at the ranch.  The good news is that the wildfires are mostly contained at this point.  Please join us in sending Light to all those affected by the wildfires in California.  

More good news is that Windermere received about 1 inch of rain, and there is more rain in the forecast! 


We were blessed with visits from several guests over the Thanksgiving holiday. LeAnna Sharp and Orion Lopez wrote a wonderful article about their recent stay at Windermere:

"This past weekend my boyfriend and I had the absolute pleasure and blessing of being up at the ranch. In recollection of the absolute stillness and tranquility of the property, we offer a few words that collectively capture our experience: respite, restoration, heart opening, heart warming, nurturing, envisioning, relief, recharging, rejuvenation and tender affection."


"How we arrived to that experience, other than simply being embraced by the sheer beauty and peace of the land, was done through setting clear intentions, both personal and as a relationship. For Orion, he had in his heart to trade fear and apprehensiveness for trust and confidence in Spirit. For me, it was to call on greater Spiritual assistance to heal all levels of my consciousness, and to have greater clarity with next steps in my life. As a couple, it was to be in our loving support for one another, and to look at how to co-create together. Only after two and a half days on the ranch, we had received our intentions and the unfolding of those blessings were blossoming as we left the property. 


The time to wake up and have nothing to do other than to be, to lazily enjoy reading a John-Roger book, to pray together, to receive of kind hospitality from our hostess, to reflect while overlooking the view of the city and the sparkling sea below, to journal, to walk the property with crisp winds and scattered clouds across a blue sky, to talk to the chickens, to see the many stars and a full moon at night, to talk about God, to watch the sunrise and changing colors of pink, lavender and baby blue throughout the morning, to watch a J-R seminar on VHS as we cook together, to see the goats happily skipping on rocks, to sit in the afternoon warm sun in the swinging chair, to have dream after dream after dream like mad crazy with the Traveler, to climb up rocks like children, to lay on boulders like lizards knowing that deep below lies a mystical crystal, to hear the birds chirping in the trees, to receive inspiration and clarity through the silence, to witness a mini steer and llama as friends side by side eating oak leaves, to write a song, to sing a song, to dance like no one is watching out in the open air, to do SE's with the Beloved within each other and as each other... was priceless. All these moments filled our hearts to the brim with overflowing abundance and gratitude. 


"We are so grateful for the time to be at Windermere, and give thanks to all those who love and care for the property. And we thank everyone who makes it possible for people to have experiences like ours." 

LeAnna and Orion


More Photos!


J-R at Windermere

Enjoy some classic shots of John-Roger with the horses and the folks of Windermere Ranch.  

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Wishing you blessings of Peace from Windermere.
with loving,
Lynn, for all of us at the Ranch.

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