June Update!

Dear Ones,

The days have been delightfully long as we head into summer at the ranch. The hillsides are now golden, and the land is adorned by lovely wildflowers.


Things are abustle as we make preparations for our annual Conference! We're looking forward to many guests visiting the land, and Dave Wright will be leading his famous tours of Windermere after Conference on July 2.

To register for the tours, click here.


As you may know, George Pace has retired from Windermere, and we are blessed to have Milo Page and LeiLani Drouillard as our new ranch managers. Here is an update from Milo: 

“Windermere is such a rich environment with a perfect blending of nature and the divine. I’m so grateful to get to work here and hold the space for our donors to visit and experience this property. I’ve had some larger maintenance projects this past week and often have been working until the sun goes down out on the ranch. Even though it’s a lot of work, the projects are meaningful and fulfilling. On one of those late nights, I had an owl come by to inspect my work (I’ve included a fuzzy picture of the owl - not my work), and I already have fond memories driving in our old 4x4 ranch truck with a pile of brush clippings in the back looking out over the ranch as the sun is setting. It’s such a blessing to get to be here - to get to maintain, manage, and hold a vision for what’s next for one of the most beautiful places in the world. 


"I’d like to put out a call to volunteers. We have all sorts of projects here that we could use help with, such as painting exteriors of buildings, repairing signs, doing some cleaning and renovations, helping us build hiking trails, etc. One of my main intentions as co-ranch manager is to create a place that people feel welcome, to not only come experience the beauty here, but also participate in leaving the place better than we found it. It’s such a joy to get to do projects up here, and I’d like to extend that opportunity to anyone who feels called. You could come stay for a weekend or a week, or at times we’ll organize a day or two for specific work projects. If you’re interested, have ideas, or want to be added to our short list for volunteers when we have projects, please email me at milopage@iiwp.org

"I look forward to serving you and serving with you.” 

LL, Milo


Matt van Fossan led a Peace Walk at Windermere this month with Moises Oceguera, and it sounds like everyone had a great time! 

To see photos of the Peace Walk, please click here


More Photos!

To see beautiful photos of Windermere summers, click the link below:

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J-R at Windermere

Enjoy some classic shots of John-Roger with the horses and the folks of Windermere Ranch.  

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Wishing you blessings of Peace from Windermere, 
with loving,
Lynn, for all of us up at the Ranch. 

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