January Update!

Dear Ones,

All is well at Windermere as we begin the New Year. The land is beautiful and lush from the recent rains, and the views from the ranch are stunning, as always. We've been blessed with many visitors, including about 20 beautiful souls who came for the Peace Walk early in January


If you haven't seen the article and photos about the Peace Walk at Windermere in the New Day Herald, please click here.

Read the Peace Walk Article and View the Photos


I wanted to let you know that Future, our retired Windermere horse, is doing very well these days. Those who have known and loved her may remember her loving, affectionate nature, and the countless horseback rides and carriage rides she has given. Her Essential Quality of Peace is "Assertiveness."


Future is now living with me in the mountains near Bakersfield, California, accompanied by two miniature horses, and two miniature donkeys. Future is 30 years old this year, and she is happy and healthy. She has plenty of room to roam and relax, and seems entertained and amused by her adorable new companions.


More Photos!

Click here to see photos of Future and her companions.

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J-R at Windermere

Enjoy some classic shots of John-Roger with the horses and the folks of Windermere Ranch.  

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Wishing you blessings of Peace from Windermere, 
with loving, Lynn... for all of us up at the Ranch. 

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