All is well at Windermere - February 2018 Update

Dear Ones, 

In the blink of an eye, it seems that February has passed by! All is well at Windermere.  The animals are healthy and happy.  The grass is still green.

Windermere has received almost 5 inches of rain, which is about 20% of the normal rainfall amount. Please send Light to the rainfall amounts in California!


This month we received a beautiful bench and table, donated by the MSIA Latin community of Los Angeles.  With their team effort, it took about a year to raise the money for this lovely donation.


Alicia Landa and Moises Oceguera brought the pieces of furniture to Windermere and placed them in a peaceful setting in Oak Glen.  A heartfelt thanks for the loving support of our Latin Community! 


For your enjoyment, here is a sweet article written by Kay Turbak, about her recent magical visit to Windermere:

                                        "Nature rejuvenates so quickly, so completely.
Though we often view ourselves otherwise, we are nature.

                                                                ~Jeb Dickerson

"My beloved teacher (IIWP founder) John-Roger told me many years ago on a Light Study that 'nature would do so much for you.' I viewed myself as separate from nature, not realizing that I was part of the natural world and could access it at any time inside me. In visiting Windermere Ranch today, I had the mystical experience of being part of everything, whether seemingly inanimate (such as an ancient rock) or vibrantly moving (the wind playing on the water at the Ponds).


"The beauty of Windermere is astounding as seen from many angles – and not just the panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and the distant Channel Islands.  What I discovered is that beauty presents itself in many disguised forms – the decaying yucca plant next to a living one, burnt and gnarled branches taking on fascinating shapes, new growth after the freezes of winter, the green scum under the lily pads.  How many times have I discarded people or places that to me were not 'classically beautiful' or extraordinary?  As John-Roger said, 'Ordinariness is next to Godliness.'  How magnificent it is to be able to see exquisite beauty in the ordinary, to appreciate the peace that is present when lying on the ground looking up at the trees, sitting in a cave that was once a sacred spot, resting on a rock that revealed its secrets in pulses and vibrations!


"As Jeb Dickerson states, 'we are nature.'  I am aware of the deep, inner connection we all have to Windermere and to its natural beauty.  It calls to us and beckons us to rejuvenate inwardly, to renew and restore that place of Peace, as we walk this beautiful planet in love and light. 

"Kay Turbak. February 22, 2018" 


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at Windermere

Enjoy some classic shots of John-Roger with the horses and the folks of Windermere Ranch.

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Wishing you blessings of Peace from Windermere.

with loving,
Lynn, for all of us at the Ranch.

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