"Wildflowers!" - May 2017 Update

Dear Ones, 
The hillsides of Windermere are beautifully golden now, and summer is on the way!  Wildflowers adorn the land in vibrant colors -- particularly lovely are the Indian Paintbrush and Sticky Monkey Flowers.

We've been blessed with wonderful visitors enjoying the peace of the land.   

Here is a sweet sharing from Fariba Mansouri, about her recent stay at the ranch:

"It is such a joy to write and share about my experience at Windermere. I have been donating, and enjoying the ranch for about nine years.  

"The first time I arrived here, I thought I had gone to heaven. The mountainous views, the serene animals, the beautiful trees, and the amazing rocks have been sources of tremendous healing, inspiration and growth for me.  

"Staying at the Garden House, the views of the ocean and the Santa Barbara basin are breathtaking, indeed. As I curl up on the couch, studying the Travelers' teachings in this setting, I am transported to another place and time. Leaving the cares of the world behind, I more fully reconnect with the Soul and the Holy Spirit/Mystical Traveler in my SE's. I even wrote parts of my dissertation here, and dedicated it to Mystical Travelers through the ages. 

"I also get to be of service when I'm up here in ways that might be appropriate. I'm thankful for the staff who live here full-time. I'm so grateful to the Travelers for creating this place of peace for us, so long ago. 

"As a donor, you are welcome to explore the majesty of Windermere, for the highest good of all concerned. God bless you! Much loving, Fariba."

As MSIA's Conference approaches, we invite you to come visit Windermere on your way to or from Conference!