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John Morton, DSS


"What if there is no againstness, what would be present instead?"



Making the First Move
by John Morton, MSIA Spiritual Director

Peace is an aspect of the Spirit. John-Roger has given us a clear definition of peace: "The cessation of againstness." Its an experience whereby Im not against you; Im not against anything. 

As I was thinking about this, I realized that the absence of againstness could be a neutral state, just simply removing and releasing negativity so that there is no longer the presence of againstness. I also asked myself, "If there is no againstness, what would be present instead?" If we stop this process of being against someone, against people, against a situation, against a country or against whatever the againstness is about, then we must present a focus as an alternative that is workable and that fits with any desired outcomes and aligns with all involved parties. It has to be presented in such a way that each person can see it, understand it, and actually do something about it. 

If you stopped the process of againstness, it could be like the classic surrender, where you put down your arms - the things that you use as tools of againstness. It is very important for each of us to ask ourselves, "Who is going to make the first move in the peace process?" Are you going to make the first move? 

As we move into individual peace, it extends into the world, where we find that peace is breaking out. Russell Bishop, of the Insight Consulting Group, told me a while back about one of the major well-known aeronautics corporations that deals in products for the military. In one part of the office that most of the employees walk through they have a big sign that says, "What are you going to do when peace breaks out?" When I heard that, something lit up inside, like "Thats really great," and I realized that a greater willingness for peace is happening all over the world.