In 1982, the Institute for Individual and World Peace (IIWP) began the work of studying, identifying and presenting the processes that lead to peace.

Building a Foundation for Peace


We have discovered four principles that build a foundation for choosing peace as an individual and functioning as a peacemaker in the world. 


* Peace is present
* Peace is an inner process
* Peace is the Cessation of Againstness
* Peace is a choice, available regardless of any conditions


How do we become peacemakers?

We become peacemakers by having a direct experience of what takes place when we choose peace inside. When we have a direct experience of peace, we want to choose peace again and repeat the experience. Why? Because we discover that peace is an active process, bringing with it happiness, inner expansion and enthusiasm. 

IIWP presents processes that lead to peace so that people can have a direct and personal experience of peace in their day-to-day lives.



A Moment of Peace

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